Nsomesa Okwagala – Damascus Kafumbe


In an era of metastatic geopolitical fear and xenophobic loathing, most recently demonstrated by an irrational paranoia that Americans should be suspicious of all foreign influence, Damascus Kafumbe’s Teach Me to Love cycle EP reminds listeners that we live in a beautiful world. The record is also a reminder that the world is full of goodwill and hope if only we will love our neighbors and look to transcendent wisdom. 

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Audio Sample – “Nneeyanzizza Nnyo”, from Nsomesa Okwagala

Track Listing

  1. Twala Obulamu Bwange (Take Charge of My Life)
  2. Ka Nsooke Nkunoonye (Let Me Seek You First)
  3. Nsomesa Okwagala (Teach Me to Love)
  4. Nkusaba Onnyambe (I Ask You to Help Me)
  5. Nneeyanzizza Nnyo(I am Very Thankful)

Composer: Damascus Kafumbe

Producers: Damascus and Betty Kafumbe

Performers: Damascus Kafumbe (adungu, mbuutu, mpuunyi, nsaasi, lead vocals)

         Betty Kafumbe (backup vocals)

Recording Engineer: Roger Stauss, Sugarhouse Soundworks Studio

Mastering: Bob Katz, Digital Domain Studio

Liner Notes: Peter Hoesing

Translations: Damascus Kafumbe

Artwork: Eric Alade IIe

Design: Lucas Avidan 

Photography: Damascus and Betty Kafumbe

Publisher: APAI Music Publishing: info@apaiinc.org