Nostalgia – Marci Onsinyo


Multi-talented artist Marci Onsinyo’s debut EP, Nostalgia, reflects  her expression of longing for home while also falling in love with what she calls “a stranger,” a new place and culture. Now based in Kampala, Uganda, Onsinyo has brought to this new home her Swahili coastal culture of proverbs and musical styles typical of Diani, Kenya.

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Audio Sample – “Nostalgia”


Track Listing

  1. Daini
  2. Fly Away
  3. Mti
  4. Nostalgia
  5. Waridi

Artwork – “Peace Within” painting by Fred Abuga
Fly Away guitar inspiration – Chris Onsinyo
Songwriter – Marci Onsinyo
Vocals and BGV – Marci Onsinyo
Guitars and Percussion – Joses
Producers – Joses, Marci Onsinyo
Album Design –