Mathew Danboyi

Mathew Danboyi discovered his talent for music as a chorister in his church in the mid-1990s. He had no instruments, but with a father who founded the local church choir and a mother who was a soloist, he matured in a rich vocal music environment, becoming a choirmaster at age eighteen. When the choir purchased a guitar, he found a tutor in Reverend Ibrahim Azeng for a time, learned some keyboard, and later continued pursuing his guitar interest as a student at ERCC College of Health Technology. Struggling as ever to find consistent access to instruments, Danboyi nevertheless began composing gospel songs. He believed the Spirit of God was speaking through his music, and he composed during his sleep, while farming, and while eating. He released his debut album, Yesu Masoyina (Jesus, My Love) in 2003. He saw coldness in worldly love, seeking instead the supreme love of Jesus. This first effort afforded him his own guitar, which boosted his music career. His network has expanded, and he has since released several records: Sujada (Worship, 2004, Timtala Studio), Addinin Gaskiya (True Religion, 2013, Timtala Studio), Favor (Tagomashi, 2007, Timtala Studio), Makwabchi na (My Neighbor, 2010, Weng Digital Records B/Ladi Studio). Danboyi’s forthcoming records include Growing in the Grace of God, and Beyond Measure, and Song of the Pride Lands, which is based on poems by Lekwatthy Abrak Lekwat (Lekwat)