Neotraditional Innovator Drops Dual EP

( MIDDLEBURY, VT – KAMPALA, UGANDA – JOS, NIGERIA) Recording artist Damascus Kafumbe has released his third solo studio album, Nsomesa Okwagala or Teach Me to Love. His prior Kitaffe (2007) produced a few experimental remix tracks, but this time the global dual release includes both an EP of Kafumbe’s new acoustic song cycle and a full remix EP.

“I searched the globe for a production engineer who could realize the remixes I had in mind for these songs,” said Kafumbe. “I am so excited to show how Ugandan traditional music can be conversant with Afropop and influence danceable electronica.” 

Remix production engineer Emmanuel Disu makes his international debut on the remix record. 

“Collaborating with Damascus Kafumbe on remixing Teach Me to Love has truly been an inspirational and eye-opening experience,” added Emmanuel. “His vision for the project has challenged me to investigate popular music styles that have roots in Africa and to consider their contributions to the Afropop sound we have co-created.”

The first full release since his sophomore solo record, Teach Me to Love breaks with Kafumbe’s prior collections of diverse instrumental backings on Kitaffe (2007) and Gunuma (2005). Instead he throws a spotlight on duo vocals backed by his multi-tracked harp. The artist/composer/producer’s spouse, vocalist Betty Kafumbe, graces nearly every track with background vocals.

A native of Uganda and now a U.S. citizen, Kafumbe was initially granted permanent residency through a category called National Interest Waiver (NIW) in 2009 after demonstrating his ability to contribute uniquely to American life. Atop his work in the music department at elite Vermont liberal arts school Middlebury College, Kafumbe has since backed that claim through an impressive research, teaching, and service portfolio. He has earned tenure (2018), helped to incubate several new businesses, and continued to create and perform new music. 

Teach Me to Love and its remix offer the latest of those contributions. The work is a brief, accessible song cycle in the form of an EP, complete with detailed liner notes and English translations. 

Both records drop today. They are available on Bandcamp and coming soon on CD Baby and other digital platforms. They are also available via

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